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High Performance Aluminum Gold Magic YoYo



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The Magic YoYo is an aluminium yo-yo with a radical profile which is unresponsive as stock. Like all the Magic YoYo yoyos, it features weighted outer rims for long spins and is made from high grade aluminium. The weight is slightly heavier than other yo yos of the same size, the increased density delivers greater momentum and increased challenge.

These yo-yos are best for intermediate and advanced players.

Series: N8s Style: String Trick (1A, 3A, 5A)

For Age: Age 8 up

Release Year: 2012

Weight (g): 64.00

Diameter (mm): 47.40

Width (mm): 41.00

Gap Width (mm): 4.70

Body Shape: Butterfly

Body Material: Aluminum

Hubstacks: No

Bearing: Concave KK

Bearing Size: Size C (Large)

Response: Silicon Pad

Twist-apart: Twist-Apart

Spacer: None

Bind: Bind Required

Maintenance: Pad/Sticker/O-Ring Change

Required Color: As shown

1 x Yo-yo 1 x String

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