Flying Luminous Magic Ball

Light Up Any Room And Fun For The Whole Family!

This Flying Luminous Magic Ball is a new-age upgrade to the traditional flying helicopter, and fun for the whole family!s-l1600 (3)

Safe and Easy To Use 

Simple operation with a key to open makes it safe and easy to use. Built with non-toxic, environmentally-friendly materials ensures no handling risk for your child. 

This magic ball is controlled by keeping your hand just beneath it once it’s been launched. Motion sensors detect your hand and allow you or your child to dictate where it goes. 

Light Up Any Room 

Brilliant LED lights will light up any room and provide endless entertainment for you and your children.

Can also be soothing and therapeutic after a long and stressful day. 

Best used in a dark room for maximum effect! 

Automatically Avoids Obstacles 

Motion sensors detect nearby objects so it can automatically avoid any obstacle, and can be controlled by simply keeping your hand beneath it. This hovering spectacle is a treat to watch and exhilarating for your kid to control and maneuver. Fun for the whole family!

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Product Description:

  • A key to open, simple operation, easy to play.
  • Below the sensor automatic induction obstacles, keep flying not fall to the ground.
  • Abandon the traditional craft characteristics of silent ,make flying more interesting.
  • Automatic power-off protection system,l et parents don't worry about their children safe and happy.
  • Any infrared remote control can control the aircraft, press the remote control switch, start the flying ball.
  • With the perfect combination of appealing color light, changes it is very attractive to children.
  • Built in Dynamic Music.With cool and flash light, more can attract children's attention and interest.Let the children play in the laughter.
  • About Controller, you can use TV & Air conditioner Remote Rontroller to turn on/off the hand sensor.Please note it cannot control flying.

Instructions :

  • Slide switch to "On" position
  • Release the ball from your hand and let it fly up
  • After about 2-3 seconds the propellers will begin to spin
  • When the lights come on, hold the ball in a straight up position
  • On the bottom of the ball, you will find a small black on/off switch

Additional Specifications: 

  • ABS Plastic
  • USB Charging enabled (20 minutes to full charge)
  • Ages 8+ recommended
  • Dimensions: 11.3 x 5 cm
Package Content: 1X Flying toy1X USB charging cable

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