Cartoon Digital Thermometer For Kids

Digital thermometer

measuring accuracy:±0.1°C
working temperature:0℃-55℃
working humidity:80 percent R
working voltage:1.5V
battery life: about 3 years (in 1 days using 10 minutes), can replace the battery, to ensure long-term use.
weight: about 15 grams
Feature: and practical electronic thermometer, no longer worried about when the use of traditional thermometer child because of the broken glass and caused by mercury poisoning and other bad consequences.
2. Can accurately test out temperature in a very short period of time, for essential household supplies. designed for baby design, exploration of heat for approximately 1 minutes, measurement accuracy of 0.1 degrees, with voice prompts, memory function. method method 3.Can be used for oral, underarm and rectal method.
How to use?
1:before use, should first use alcohol to disinfect thermometer sensor head
2:push the power button,the buzzer beeps will be issued,display tips sign
3:subsequently, the display shows the last measured temperature, and lasts for 2 wonderful clock, then display is °c symbol flashing, that are already pending determination of status
4:will put the thermometer sensor head into the measurement position, the display shows the temperature gradually increased. °C symbol flashing AT the same time, expressed in the measurements. measurements such as continuous 16 wonderful temperature constant, WHILE °C symbol stop flashing,, said temperature measurement is completed and has memory measurement results, you can read shows the temperature value
5:after the end of the measurement, if there is no pressing the power button off the power, then for several minutes after the automatic shutdown
6:friendly reminder: when used in thermometers, open power supply after, wait 20 seconds and then measurement comparison
Package included: 1 PC thermometers


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